7 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Ads Will Never Work (or get stuck at 100$ a day)

And here's how you can NOT fall for the common mistakes which burn millions of marketing dollars everyday.

03/04/2023 | Kamal Razzak

1. Focusing on Aesthetics Over Connection

The people who are winning in ECOM right now are prioritizing and establishing a genuine connection with their audience over creating visually stunning ads. They recognize that emotionally resonant ads are far more effective than pretty ones. By addressing and understanding their audience's core desires and needs, they create ads that truly connect.  I summed up exactly how you can understand how to grab your audience in my AD Creative Mastery Ebook CLICK HERE TO BUY

2. Ineffective Storytelling = Ineffective Scaling

Telling the right story is what separates brands stuck at 5 figure months and brands who are able to scale to 7 and 8 figure months. The fastest growing brands concentrate telling stories at every stage. People love listening to stories. So ask yourself the question: 'How can I tell it as a story?'. Your best seller has a comfortable fit? Tell a story about how you wore it travelling, to work, to the club. 

3. Leveraging Emotional Triggers

I see this all the time, so I'm gonna make this super clear - If you don't look to target fundamental human emotions with your ads YOU WON'T SCALE. Recognize the power of emotions in driving action. Use emotionally charged language and visuals to forge a deep connection with their audience, tapping into their core desires and fears. 


4. Continuous Testing and Iteration

The one thing which holds back most brands is not understanding that testing and iterating their ads is crucial for consistent improvement (and I don't mean just changing a button from red to blue). They're afraid to experiment with different approaches and analyze the data to refine their campaigns (big changes which stand out). This lack of dedication to testing leads to no better ad performance and, ultimately, no significant results. If you want to figure out how to actually test impactful and measurable stuff (and not just get stuck in the color swapping loop) then buy my book and make more sales CLICK HERE

5. Targeting the Wrong Awareness Level

Understanding your audience's awareness level is essential for crafting ads that connect. The best marketers apply the strategies every step of the way, creating hooks tailored to their audience's needs at each level of awareness. They recognize that different ads work for different stages of the customer journey and adapt their ads accordingly (If you want to know how to craft ads to each awareness levels, I've laid it out in detail in my 'AD Creative Mastery' Ebook - $5)

6. Failing to Leverage Social Proof 

Brands and Marketers #1 job is to get social proof. I'm not exaggerating. Reviews, Videos, Testimonials, everything! The biggest hurdle when buying online is trust, and having 1000s of videos of happy customers is basically telling new customers they're paranoid for not trusting you (rather than begging them to trust you).

7. Falling for Common Misconceptions

Many people think ads should have quick cuts all the time to keep attention. The best marketers recognize the importance of tailoring their approach to their audience, taking into consideration factors such as age and attention spans. By understanding their audience, they create ads that strike the perfect balance between holding attention and conveying their message.

If you made it to #8 you’re obviously serious about scaling your ecom store... 

Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies that will help you avoid these common traps and create high-performing ads that drive results.